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Trucking and Transportation

PTL is very much active to operate with best possible vehicles and transportations for the purpose of to deliver shipments to its clients without delaying and also with minimizing fuel costs. PTL is operating in several cities and provinces of Canada and also trying to build its reputation regarding saving time and minimizing cost for delivering shipments to the customers.
PTL is using latest trucks and vehicles for deliveries so that these vehicles could help the company to cut-down the fueling cost. ...

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Stroge and

In any transportation company it is very essential to have storage facilities, without storage facility it is not ...

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Warehouse logistic
and Inventory

PTL’s Logistics services provide a significant advantage to customers looking to reduce their deployed capital, ...

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PTL will track and manage your product through the entire product life cycle; from pick-up to delivery to single ...

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Product Disposal
and Scrap Recycling

PTL is always working for betterment of its clients and always trying to make a difference in ...

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